About the award


Eco Prize of GRUPA MTP

The Gold Medal jury, after announcing the voting results and selecting the winners, begins the next stage of evaluating the awarded products. Industry specialists evaluate the awarded products in terms of ecology and how the product affects the environment. The product which, according to experts, meets the highest requirements in terms of ecological solutions and promoting ecology, receives the Eco Prize of GRUPA MTP.

The winner of the Eco Prize of GRUPA MTP, in addition to the recognition of the industry and experts, receives additional benefits from Grupa MTP, which are:

  • The prestigious Eco Prize statuette 
  • Diploma
  • An additional, large sticker in the trade fair zone allowing for easy identification of the best product
  • Interview with the laureate to be used in the promotion of the awarded product and in promotion on social media
  • Promotion of the awarded product in digital campaigns (remarketing, social media)